empowermefirst.college - we need you!

We make higher education accessible - against all odds!

“This learning crisis is a moral and economic crisis“, said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim.

There are many ways to help, we need everyone one of you to keep moving to a better future!
Currently, our members are volunteering. Yet, to be more effective in our work we need regular financial support to pay our local coaches, content creators, and coordinators. We also seek partnerships for infrastructure, soft-, hardware, internet and internships.
We use your finances diligently, produce transparent financial reports and give you success stories!
Our volunteers receive trainings and can take part regular webinars on leadership, team building, communication and much more.

we need you to empower the most vulnerable.

— Covid-19

The school closures during the Covid-19 pandemic meant that many students have not returned to school, especially teenagers and young mothers. We need to reach them fast!

— Free education

We believe that education should be free and accessible to everyone. 

We develop our college in stages. Adding subjects and countries as we go. 

— Sponsor a student

With only $ 350.- per annum (for 3 years) you can ensure a student can find skilled employment or attend university. 
We share your student’s testimonies and progress reports annually.

— Sponsor a coach

With $ 50.- a month you can sponsor a a local coach part time to ensure, our students get the best support in their semester assignments and studies as well as getting them ready for work and university. By only giving part time work, we ensure their experience is not lost at local schools, while they advice us on syllabus. This financial supplement will also counteract brain-drain.

We offer online coaching training and mentoring.

— Infrastructure

While most teenagers have smartphones, they are often broken or old. Also, lack of electricity and the high data costs make online learning less accessible. You can support us. Here are some average costs:

Smart phone or tablet: $ 150.-
Internet / month for 50: $ 150.-
Solar system: $ 1’500.-
Operations / centre / month: $ 450.-

— Make history

Do you want your hard work to make a difference for generations to come?
The scholarship in your name will be known locally and internationally.

Ending learning poverty will end poverty and hardship for millions!

Bequest your legacy to a cause that counts. We will honour your specific wishes and use your money diligently to give education to millions.