victory tour

Victory tour - 82 km, 625m ascent, lovely day
--> raised CHF 820.- still counting, please continue donating

Victory tour - Meeting volunteers and sponsors! 888 km!

On a lovely but chilly morning we left home to meet sponsors and volunteers. Despite the spontaneity of our trip they made time to join us for a chat.
We first cycled over some hills towards Rapperswil. After the rain, it was a wonderfully clear day offering us an amazing alpine panorama. Rapperswil is a lovely medieval town on route of St. James' way. From there we followed the lake to Meilen where we met up with Nicole and Alwin who made a generous donation believing in the value of fighting education poverty and in our approach. We thank you for giving young people the tools to change their world effectively and responsibly!

We feel so grateful and humbled by the support we get every day from volunteers and sponsors. Two of our volunteers, Jean and Kristina, also joined us in Meilen and Kristina cycled with us to Zürich. We also received so many supportive messages from our friends, sponsors and volunteers. Thank you all!

We did this tour, and finished with another 82 km, (72km to Zürich and 10km from Winterthur home), at 888 km because we believe in leading by example, in showing everyone our determination, focus and consistency in sticking to our plan: Start offering free high class upper secondary school education to everyone in emerging and developing countries.

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  1. Laurence Lewandowska

    Congratulations Anthony and Brigit! What an amazing achievement!

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