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Learn more about how we stay on track to educate millions and become an education pioneer!

1 November 2021

Take part in our exciting art event. From 1 November until the end of the year 2021 you find weekly if not daily new photography and digital art to download in our art shop on art.empowermefirst.college. From 15 November there will be a weekly art auction with exciting art from all over the world.

Are you looking for a present for a loved one?
Do you to want give or own something beautiful and make a difference?
Do you believe that education empowers?

Our artists have donated their work so that the proceeds can go into empowering youths through education!
Support us and buy a piece of art, that makes a difference – to you, your loved ones and many youths!


Give art and empower youths through art now!

Learn more about how we stay on track to educate millions and become an education pioneer!

11 May 2021

Our dean of education Larry Wilson runs to eliminate education poverty!

I am Larry, and I am determined to make two big differences in my 60th year:

  • One is to run around a half marathon on average for 365 days back to back. This is to see if I am still capable of this challenge.
  • My second big difference is to raise money for empowermefirst.college. This vision of giving children an opportunity of life changing education is the most vital difference we can make to build a better world.

I will complete the challenge on 31th October and have run over 2200 miles now- just over 12 miles a day on average- but we have the kindest months to come!

Please support me in raising the funds that will allow empowermefirst.college to start providing education to thousands of students!

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and donations!


Run and donate to educate - competition!​

Run the same amount of miles as Larry or pledge an amount you will donate if you fall short. Example: Larry runs 15 miles in a day and you run 10 miles and you pledge £ 1.- per mile you fall short, then you donate £ 5.- for that day.

Larry, dean of education of empowermefirst.college, runs to end education poverty now! It’s a global cause, local to you!

Learn more about how we stay on track to educate millions and become an education pioneer!

8 May 2021

Our victory tour allowed us to meet some of our sponsors and volunteers: Nicole and Alwin, friends who made a generous donation believing in the value of fighting education poverty and in our approach. We thank you for believing in giving young people the means to change their world effectively and responsibly!

We feel so grateful and humbled by the support we get every day from volunteers and sponsors. Two of our volunteers, Jean and Kristina, also joined us.

We did this tour, and finished with another 82 km at 888 km because we believe in leading by example, in showing everyone our determination, focus and consistency in sticking to our plan: Start offering free high class upper secondary school education to everyone in emerging and developing countries.

Please support us:
– as volunteers
– with a donation​


30 April 2021

After 5 days of cycling, aches and exhaustion – Anthony and Brigit are more determined than ever to cycle around Switzerland in order to educate all.
If weather allows, we will be riding on 8 May 2021 from Schaffhausen to Schlatt ZH (Winterthur) and are looking forward to many people joining us. To stay to Covid rules we ask you to let us know if you do, so we can coordinate different times and cycling groups. At the final stop there will be a BBQ sausage waiting for everyone who finishes.

Please, support empowermefirst.college with your expertise, time and donation.

22 April 2021

We cycle to educate!
Our founders Anthony Powell and Brigit Koch are embarking on an epic bike trip around Switzerland to raise funds, while working relentlessly on keeping the the aims to start educating millions in summer 2022 on track.

We plan to cycle over 800km and 3000m ascent in 10 to 14 days and donate 10.- per kilometer. Learn more about the trip in the blog below and match our pledge – for the whole trip, for a week a day, or just give what you feel comforable with.

We also need volunteers: Give us your time and help us with your skills. We especially need educators and IT-specialists.
Every little counts. Embark with us as pioneers to educate millions!

We started on 26 April 2021 and ended it with 888km in total

We changed our route, because of snow preventing us to go over passes, to raise more funds, to allow people to join us, especially on Saturday 8 May.

26 April: Waltenstein to Aarau
27 April: Aarau to Biel
28 April: Biel to Yverdon
29 April: Yverdon to Montreux
30 April: Montreux to Sitten
1 May: Sitten to Brig
2 May: Brig (because of new snow we have a rest day take the train over the passes to Sedrun on Monday)

3 May: Sedrun to Chur
4 May: Chur to Altenrhein
5 May: Altenrhein to Stein am Rhein
6 May: Stein am Rhein to home
7 May: Recapitulation
8 May: Victory ride: Sponsors and volunteers joined. (Total ride: 888km!)

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