Garden Route – Day 1

Port Elizabeth to Jeffrey's bay

At empowermefirst we believe in never giving up – defining goals and applying knowledge to find solutions that work for us, even if it’s not how it’s always been done, is our way to slow, but study success.

We are hands-on. And so is founder Brigit, who is currently cycling the 800km from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town proving perseverance, courage and commitment – values we live as an example to our students.

Today her trip had been particularly challenging. She had had to cycle 76 km against strong headwinds, not only slowing her down from a usual 15 to 9 kmh on steady uphills and from 20 to 12 kmh on the flat. Even the downhills she could only do at a maximum of 19 kmh do to wind gushes from the side. Having heavy big bags didn’t help.
Not only did that nearly double her effort, the constant wind in her face also challenge her asthma, making it hard for her to breathe. Only upon entering Jeffrey’s Bay the wind had subsided and she could finally breathe freely and speed up her riding speed.
But she made it and it was an interesting experience through some beautiful landscapes, on busy 4 lane roads to small, very secluded one laners, past farms, mansions and shanty towns. She met locals collecting wood and plowing fields by hand and modern farming, she saw vegetation that reminded of mountains in Scotland and Switzerland as well as blooming cacti and other succulents. 
And when she finally arrived at her AirBnB she was greeted by a friendly host who even treated her to a pizza.