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According to a 2019 UNHCR report, of the 7.1 million refugee children of school age, 3.7 million – more than half – do not go to school.
For those living in poverty, many human rights are out of reach. Among many other deprivations, they often lack access to education, health services, safe drinking water and basic sanitation. They are often excluded from participating meaningfully in the political process and prevented from seeking justice for violations of their human rights.” UNHCR

The current learning crisis asks for urgent help. We need volunteers to achieve our goal to educate millions!

Work with us to educate future generations!

Volunteer with us - educate now!

— Make us known!

Share our cause with everyone you know, ask them to do the same, to voluteer their time, their knowledge and skills.

Share our cause with politicians, media, influencers, schools, teachers, school boards, potential sponsors!

— Web wizard?

Are you based in Switzerland?

We need web specialists to help us build our college, reach students, teachers and supporters all over the world.


— Just graduated?

We need university graduates and young professionals, who help us create content.

You are up to date in your subject. you know better than anyone, how content needs to presented, so learning is fun and effective.

— Teacher?

Your experience lifts millions out of education poverty.

We need you to help us tutor and to share your needs and experience, so we can provide the best learning units and teacher trainings.

— School?

Are you in an emerging country?

Share with us your needs.

Allow us to volunteer at your school.

Try our teaching units.

— Tell our stories!

Do you love writing, photography and film making? are you a singer, poet, journalist, performing artist?

Change the world of education for millions and change the stories for the world!

Tell our stories to your audience and share our cause with them!

These are just a few thoughts. Let’s discuss ideas and mutual interests!