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We make higher education accessible - against all odds!

According to a 2019 UNHCR report, of the 7.1 million refugee children of school age, 3.7 million – more than half – do not go to school.
For those living in poverty, many human rights are out of reach. Among many other deprivations, they often lack access to education, health services, safe drinking water and basic sanitation. They are often excluded from participating meaningfully in the political process and prevented from seeking justice for violations of their human rights.” UNHCR

The current learning crisis asks for urgent help. We need volunteers to achieve our goal to educate millions!

Together we educate future generations!

Volunteer with us - educate now!

— Web wizard and IT?

We need web and IT specialists to support students, authors and teachers and create IT content. Our focus is on ICT education. Your knowledge helps the most vulnerable to bring change to their lives and communities!

Besides content creation and support, we also hope to develop a learning game.

Our ICT team needs you!

— Educator?

Your expertise and experience lifts millions out of education poverty.

We need university graduates and professional, who help us create content and tutor students.

We especially need experts in sciences, math, IT, business, arts, languages, physical and health education.

— Make us known and be creative!

Share our cause with politicians, media, influencers, schools, teachers, school boards, potential sponsors, research viable partnerships and prepare grant and sponsorship proposals, take responsibilites in project management.

Are you creative? Tell and visualize or stories.

Our communications and partnerships team needs you!


— Administration and operations!

Is your strength in administration and operations?
We need people in administration, accounting, HR, legal and operations.

With your help our organisation can run smoothly.
Your expertise is at the heart of the organisation!