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We make higher education accessible - against all odds!

“While only 4% of the poorest youth complete upper secondary school in low-income countries, 36% of the richest do. In lower-middle-income countries, the gap is even wider: while only 14% of the poorest youth complete upper secondary school, 72% of the richest do.”  UNESCO

“Eliminating learning poverty is as urgent a development objective as eliminating hunger, stunting, and extreme poverty—and meeting that objective requires all players to take much more forceful action. Without urgent action, post-COVID, the learning poverty rate could increase to a record 63%.” World Bank

You dedicated your trust to help the world. With us you can educate millions, help eliminate poverty, conflicts, environmental desasters.

Work with us to educate future generations!

partner with us - educate future generations

— Fight poverty

According to the World Bank “there’s a 9% increase in hourly learnings for one extra year of schooling”.
Many adolescents leave school because they need to feed their families.
Many who left school during Covid-19 lockdown are not returning, because their families lost their income.
Learning with us, they can fulfill their responsibilities and work on a sustainable future.

— Human rights

The right to education is a human right and indispensable for the exercise of other human rights.” UNESCO

“For too many children, schooling does not mean learning,” said World Bank Chief Economist, Paul Romer.

We don’t force children into hours of memorising data, we offer learning material they can relate to, catch their curiosity and coach them to find their own learning strategies and develop their own approaches to solving problems, completing projects and collaborating in our global network on their research and innovation.

— Sustainability

Education leeds to sustainable, socially conscious decision making.

In our teaching units they get projects close to their realities, to start rethinking the future. For instance, might they do a science project building a wind generator to charge their phones or an economy project to dry their produce to avoid food waste and generate an extra income.

We educate future leaders, politician, policymakers, scientists, health care providers, engineers.
They build a sustainable, socially conscious future thanks to you!

— Work together

Further your cause with us. we would love to connect to your other projects to join forces.
We can focus on your specific cause to educate effectively and reach out to more.
We need both a financial foundation get the project running quickly as well as regular sponsorship to progressively expand our impact.
Together we can achieve much!

— Educate millions

According to UNESCO “155 countries legally guarantee 9 years or more of compulsory education”.  this means that many children in emerging countries receive some secondary school education.

Yet, when they reach adolescence rarely continue education.

Because our school is accessible from everywhere at anytime,  the students can work and study at the same time.

— Stories

Change the world of education for millions and change the stories for the world!

Besides the transparency of our annual reports, you’ll receive exclusive photo and video stories for your marketing.

These are just a few thoughts. Let’s discuss ideas to build your legagy!