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We make higher education accessible - against all odds!

“Education is a human right, a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. It delivers large, consistent returns in terms of income and is the most important factor to ensure equality of opportunities. For individuals, education promotes employment, earnings, health, and poverty reduction. Globally, there is a 9% increase in hourly earnings for one extra year of schooling. For societies, it drives long-term economic growth, spurs innovation, strengthens institutions, and fosters social cohesion. Indeed, making smart and effective investments in people’s education is critical for developing the human capital that will end extreme poverty.”  The World Bank

Your regular financial support will allow us to create specific teaching environments you can use for your vocational training in emerging markets – or at home.

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— Young professionals

A good workforce is everything. as World Bank Chief Economist, Paul Romer, said, schooling does not mean learning“.

Our students don’t just pass university entry level exams. they learn to relate theory to reality, they learn to think crosslinked, plan a process to complete a project and network globally for research.

We also organise a recruiting day for last year students, if you want to sponsor a talented future engineer through uni or need a trainee nurse for your hospital or a trainee electrician for your power plant.

— Train effectively

Do you train young professionals?

We provide them with state of the art learning materials they can relate to. This allows them to understand their tasks better, think crosslinked, develop their own learning strategies. We coach them to find the most effective ways of linking knowledge and experience and to work independently and effectively on projects.

— Create trainings

We work alongside your training specialists to create your national and international training units.

We train your educators in how to best use the materials to get best learning results.

We also create vocational training units that fit your needs.

— Network

Let us join forces!

With our networks we become strong partners.

— Markets

“Globally, there is a 9% increase in hourly earnings for one extra year of schooling.”

Our students will be the decision and policymakers of the future. and they associate your products and services with the education you brought to them.

— Stories

Your stories, products and services will feature in our publications, suchas newsletters, news, reports.

You’ll receive exclusive photo and video stories for your marketing.

These are just a few opportunities. There are many more. We’re open to your suggestions.