Our first day

our first day - at least 92 km, 350m ascent
--> CHF 920.- raised from the founders

It was a long day. We had to wait for Anthony’s bike to arrive, so we only were able to leave shortly before 15.00. After the hill past Kyburg to avoid having to detour via Winterthur, it was fairly flat. We passed the airport, many lovely villages. A beautiful spring day with fruit trees and tulip fields all in bloom. The hardest bit was the hill from Aarau up to our friends’ house who started to get worried as we didn’t arrive until after 21.00. The view from their house was amazing, overlooking Aarau under a (nearly?) full moon.
Brigit’s watch, which was paused between Baden and Mellingen (straight bit on map), showed 82km, so add another 10km and it was a good day’s ride. Luckily, our friends welcomed us with a wonderful meal, no matter how late we arrived.
Watch our video of the trip, as we’re quite tired and will need to be rested for our next adventure.

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