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“With the spread of the coronavirus, the education system is facing a new crisis, as more than 160 countries at the end of March 2020 mandated some form of school closures impacting at least 1.5 billion children and youth. Seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, education systems around the world continue to grapple with the complex decisions of when and how to reopen.”  The World Bank

The current learning crisis asks for urgent help. When charities and NGOs join forces, they can reach more, achieve more.

Work with us to educate future generations!

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— Fight poverty

Many youths leave school to feed their families. Upper secondary schools are too far away and often education is too expensive.

Together we bring education to those, who can’t go to school. With us they can work and still educate themselves to leave poverty behind, as according to the World Bank “there’s a 9% increase in hourly earnings for one extra year of schooling”.

All they need is a mobile phone.

— Education poverty

“For too many children, schooling does not mean learning,” said World Bank Chief Economist, Paul Romer.
Many hours in school don’t mean learning.

Together we offer methodology to teachers and learning materials students can relate to, that catch their curiosity. We coach them to find find their own learning strategies and develop their own approaches to solving problems, completing projects and building global networks to collaborate on their research and innovation.

— Sustainability

Education leeds to sustainable, socially conscious decision making.
We educate future leaders, politician, policymakers, scientists, health care providers, engineers.
In our teaching units they get projects close to their realities, to start rethinking the future. For instance, they do a science project building a wind generator to charge their phones or an economy project to dry their produce to avoid food waste and generate an extra income.

— Equality

While only 4% of the poorest youth complete upper secondary school in low-income countries, 36% of the richest do.” UNESCO
This inequality is even greater when  including gender, race, religion, physical challenges and many more.

Affordable education which students can access anytime and anywhere will overcome these challenges

— Work together

Do you want us to bring our teaching material into your schools?
Do you want us to prepare teaching materials for your needs?
Do you want us to provide teacher training for your volunteers?
Let us discuss mutual aims and needs!

— Stories

Change the world of education for millions and change the stories for the world!

Let us share our stories to our audience to receive more support!

These are just a few thoughts. Let’s discuss ideas and mutual interests!