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Eliminating learning poverty is as urgent a development objective as eliminating hunger, stunting, and extreme poverty—and meeting that objective requires all players to take much more forceful action. Without urgent action, post-COVID, the learning poverty rate could increase to a record 63%.” The World Bank

Providing education to everyone is challenging and sometimes it seems an impossible task.
Some are hard to reach. School is far in many ways. They might live in a remote villages, they might come from poor backgrounds where all that matters is to put food on the table – thoughts of education bringing a way out of poverty years in the future is a luxury they can’t have.
Schools don’t have the infrastructure and teaching materials, teachers don’t have the training to provide an education students can relate to.
But only when students understand how, what they’ve learned, relates to other subjects as well as the world around them, they become curious and motivated to learn more. It’s the key to successful innovations and research.

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— Fight poverty

According to the World Bank “there’s a 9% increase in hourly earnings for one extra year of schooling”.
Many adolescents leave school because they need to feed their families.
Many who left school during Covid-19 lockdown are not returning, because their families lost their income.
Learning with us, they can fulfill their responsibilities and work on a sustainable future.

— Reach all

Children and youths out of school are more likely to live in poverty, not find work, create unrest and rely on the government for aid.

Youth who left the school system, are living in remote areas or in families where education has no priority, who are confined to their homes or clinics or are in detention centers are hard to reach.

We educate anyone, whenever and wherever they want.

All they need is a mobile phone.

— Educate millions

According to UNESCO, “155 countries legally guarantee 9 years or more of compulsory education”.
Many children receive  secondary school education. yet, when they reach adolescence they drop out.

With us youths are not forced to attend school at a certain time or to memorise information, they can’t relate to. we offer learning materials, that catch their curiosity, and coach them to find their own learning strategies and develop their own approaches to solving problems, completing projects and building global networks to collaborate on their research and innovation.

— Tailored for you

We work with school boards and schools the ensure we implement your syllabus when we create the state of the art learning material your students are motivated to work with, because they can relate to it.
We employ local teachers parttime to assist us with their experience. The knowledge of your experts helps to create a better educated future generation.

We offer offline material to safe data.

— Educate teachers

We work with teachers and universities to create learning materials that educate students effectively and keep them motivated, thus reducing school dropouts.

Our tutors and authors receive regular training to provide effective and motivating teaching experiences.

This knowledge and best practices we’re happy to share with the teachers in regular teacher trainings.

— Provide for schools

Often schools and teachers are challenged by large classes and different levels.

Our online material allows students to work individually or in groups and seek assistance with teachers if they can’t solve it themselves. Teachers become coaches and guides, advising students on how to tackle a problem and how to complete a project.

Schools won’t have to worry about having to buy new, up-to-date books.

These are just a few thoughts. Let’s discuss ideas to advance your country’s future!