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According to a 2019 UNHCR report, of the 7.1 million refugee children of school age, 3.7 million – more than half – do not go to school.
For those living in poverty, many human rights are out of reach. Among many other deprivations, they often lack access to education, health services, safe drinking water and basic sanitation. They are often excluded from participating meaningfully in the political process and prevented from seeking justice for violations of their human rights.” UNHCR

The current learning crisis has been worsened by the Covid-19 lockdowns. Billions are out of school, many may not return, because they have to help feed their families. We need to act urgently. Every little helps.

Your donation helps to educate future generations!

donate to educate millions!

— Help us get started!

Although we, the founders, have been putting in our time and money, we can’t achieve our goals without substantial start-up money.

The school closures during the Covid-19 pandemic meant that many more students are out of school and especially teenagers and young adults may not return. We need to reach them fast.

Help us get started and we can bring education to millions fast, because we need to act now!

— Affordable fees

We aim to offer free education. In order to do so and still offer great education we need you!

We develop our college in stages. this means that we first build all the years for a basic set of subjects. Then we expand to more subjects and more regions, adding more language versions.

This allows us to start quickly, but it also means we depend on regular support.

— Sponsor a student

Building the educational content and offering close mentoring is costly. To make education free for all students, we need your help.

Furthermore, students still need devices, internet or a data plan; sometimes even access to electricity is a challenge.

Commit to cover the costs for a student, such as fees and data plan, until he or she graduates, and get the story of their life.

— Sponsor a tutor

Sponsor the parttime salary of a local tutor. We employ local tutors to teach and mentor students and to add locally relevant content to the syllabus. By only giving parttime work, we ensure they can use their experience and test the units with the local students, tell us their needs and advice us on syllabus and teaching units and we counteract brain-drain.

Teachers get training and mentoring in online teaching methods that motivate students to learn more effectively and can use our material with their regular students.

— Infrastructure

Most teenagers, no matter how poor, have mobile phones, and they have at least intermittent access to electricity.

Schools have some computers, some have wifi, electricity and labs may be partially available.

Our teaching units come with a low data downloadable version. nevertheless, to improve the learning experience and independence for students and schools, some might need help with equipment such as computers, routers or even solar panels.

— Make history

Do you want your hard work to make a difference for generations to come?

Ending learning poverty will end poverty and hardship for millions!

Tell us, what you want your money to be used for.

Bequest your legacy to a cause that counts. We will honour your specific wishes and use your money diligently to give education to millions.

The scholarship in your name will be known locally and internationally.

These are just a few thoughts. Let’s discuss ideas and mutual interests!