Day two

Day two - a wonderful day, nearly 92 km, 280m ascent
--> We raised CHF 940.-

Day two - Another beautiful spring day in the Swiss midlands

This day started off marvellous, with an amazing breakfast at our friends'. From the hills above Aarau we cycled to Olten. This area is interesting for the variety of electrical plants, both a great number of hydropower plants in the river Aare and a nuclear power plant. In Olten we met a lovely couple, Mrs. and Mr. Gall from Holziken, who spontaneously donated 20.- when they heard about the cause.
We are so thankful for all the amazing people who donate money or their time for our cause and want to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers who work relentlessy to educate millions!
After the stop in Olten we continued along the river Aare to Solothurn and then Biel/Bienne one of the many bilingual towns in Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Day two”

  1. “oh yes I do feel tired” !! Anthony that must be the worlds biggest understatement I have ever heard. Sleep well and if the weather stays like this for the entire trip you will have really been blessed!

  2. Wow!
    92 km already sounds incredible, but when I realize that there are hills on the way, too, it sounds insurmountable.

    But it was another beautiful day indeed!

    Looks like it is more overcast today, here’s to hoping it won’t rain too much.
    Wishing you a great day,

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