Day seven

Day seven - Rest day

Day seven - Rest day, but busy

Today we rested our bodies, but our minds stayed alert, working on replanning our trip as it had snowed down quite low and even Oberalppass, which was supposed to be open, is covered with snow. We are taking the train all the way to Sedrun on Monday and will then extend it on the "low lands" in order to still cover enough ground but also to allow people from Zurich region to join us on Saturday, 8 May. So, please do! We plan to pass Horgen/Meilen at around 14.00. Let us know where, when and for how much of the trip, you want to join! Find more of our stages at action.

2 thoughts on “Day seven”

  1. The photos look like you had a beautiful rest day, and today looks very promising as well.

    Crazy how much snow there still is on some of the passes that late into spring, at least this year.

    1. Yes, after a rainy morning there was some sun in the afternoon. We were also surprised but every local we asked advised us against cycling Oberalp. The Webcam also showed it all showed up

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