Day nine

Day 9 - 93 km, mostly flat, some wind
--> raised CHF 1040.-

Day nine - monotonous, speedy, going with the flow

This day was a day we could go with the flow.We basically followed the river Rhine all the way to lake Constance. There was some head wind. Maybe the most interesting fact were the two cycling routes on both sides of the river, one in Switzerland, the other one first in Lichtenstein and later in Austria. Due to Covid, entry to Austria was not possible. We cycled 91km plus 2 more going to a shop and a friend donated 100.- So, Anthony pain in his knee and Brigit's painful tendon are well worth it as we get closer to setting off on this journey to eradicate education poverty. We need your support! Follow our determination to educate now. The next generations, not just in emerging countries, will thank you!

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  1. As I was out walking yesterday, bracing fierce winds, I was wondering how you are doing.
    Too bad that the wind is almost always coming from the front when cycling. :/

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