Day four

Day four - The first bit of hill after we left home, nearly 71 km, 460m ascent
--> We raised CHF 710.-

Day four - Rainy, windy, hilly and varied

We started off in Yverdon, which is not just thought to be the original place of the la Tène culture but also the town where Pestalozzi, the great Swiss educator, who made sure that all childred received education, had moved his institute to. Quite a fitting place to visit, considering our cause. The day started cycling against the wind and with steady uphills through a lovely, soft landscape. We didn't quite go through "la gruyère", the area where the Gruyere cheese originates from, but close enough to see cheese factories refering to it.
After the uphill we ended up overlooking lake Geneva and the French alps, or rather the lower bits of them, as they were stuck in the rain clouds. For the rest of the day we followed the lake through Vevey to Montreux, famous for its jazz festival.
We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who believes in our cause and wants to contribute. We don't do this lightly, but believe in leading by example and our determination shows you that this project will go far. We thank our team of volunteers who work relentlessly to make this project happen and thank everyone for their donations; no matter how small - every little counts!

2 thoughts on “Day four”

  1. Amazing to follow you!
    For me, the little hills around Waltenstein are already quite steep, I can’t even think of doing what you are doing. (Maybe walking, but not cycling.)

    I’ve had such days several times now, starting off with light drizzle and grey, but later the sky opens up and it turns beautiful and sunny. Today looks like another such day.

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