Day eight

Day eight - 87.4 km, 535 m ascent
--> raised CHF 1190.-

Day eight - Sun, beautiful scenery, some ups and downs

Well rested we started early in Brig on the train to Sedrun, as both the train staff and others in Brig advised against doing Oberalppass as it was supposedly covered in snow. Once on the train from Andermatt, the conductor let us know that the road was cleared and safe. So, we got off at Oberalppass and cycled all the way to Chur. It was a long downhill until Disentis/Muster, a town establised 1400 years ago and home to one of the largest monastries still in use. The whole valley and region is Rumantsch speaking. Rumantsch is the forth national language spoken by about 30'000 people. It had been brought in by the Romans crossing the Alps and settling in the region. From Disentis it was still partially downhill, but we also had a few uphills and off road parts, that were challenging, even some crossing through snow. All in all despite pains the stunning landscape and knowing, that each kilometer will bring us closer to our fundraising aim, made it an amazing day. Besides the 874.- we raised with our ride, friends donated 300.- and we raised another 56.- from selling another bike. So, a good day for getting closer to our aim. 14

2 thoughts on “Day eight”

  1. Woooww, what massive amounts of snow!
    The beginning of the video looked like it was taken in the Himalayas.

    The Rhine valley is a beautiful contrast, though.

  2. These are some amazing views that you guys managed to capture. It looks like it was a cold ride in some parts!

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