empowermefirst.college - honours Co-founder Anthony Powell

17 June 1958 to 19 March 2022 - Anthony, we love you!

“Love people first, get to know them later.” “Many people do a good thing, but we do the right thing.” Are two phrases Anthony used a lot.

At empowermefirst.college we have honoured Anthony with video statements. We have launched a dance competition of our song, with clips from a dance routine Anthony had put together during our trial in Soroti, Uganda. Anthony loved the different dance versions for the Jerusalema song and we hope to get a similar dance competition going. We will also have a performance at our mini-graduations for the international day of girls in ICT on 28 April in Victoria Falls and on 7 May in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, which you can find on this website, our Facebook and live on Youtube.
Founder and partner in life Brigit Koch is working hard on keeping his legacy. She has cycled 480+ km from Lusaka to Livingstone in burning heat in honour of Anthony, with whom she had done a bike fundraiser around Switzerland a year ago, to raise funds for empowermefirst.college, to learn about the needs of the youths in Zambia and raise awareness of the cause. She will continue to Bulawayo and then around Zimbabwe and Zambia. At the same time she will work together with the Zimbabwen team and all volunteers globally to create the learning content, get partnerships with local governments for accreditation and access to internet and facilities.

We thank all volunteers of empowermefirst.college for working together to keep his legacy and make education accessible to many school dropouts around the world. We are also hoping to bring it to the Caribbean, especially Anthony’s home country, Antigua.

To make this possible we thank our mutual friends as much as his friends and family for any contribution they can make. We will list their names and contributions below. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous, please let us know.

On 17 June, Anthony’s birthday, there will be a BBQ for friends and members of empowermefirst.college in Winterthur in his honour with a fundraising bike tour on 18 and 19 June.

Donations to empowermefirst.college in honour of Anthony Powell

Love People First - Get to know them later!

Funds raised for education in honour of Anthony Powell (aim > 50'000.-)
funds raised for education 14.23%

Donations in honour of Anthony powell

Nicole & Alwin CHF 1000.-
Esther Hirsch CHF 500.-

Mark Furner CHF 500.-
Margaret Rijkelijhuizen – CHF 100.-